New details in gas station homicide

Posted at 5:16 PM, Jan 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-18 19:09:02-05

Shocking new details are out in the murder of a convenience store clerk earlier this month.

Omaha police say 45 year old Dirk Blume used his truck as a weapon and continued to drive it after the crime.

He's behind bars tonight facing a second degree murder charge.

Seth’s Hansen's sister says the family is finally getting some relief after the suspect Blume was arrested

Tuesday police arrested Blume at the real estate office where he worked and his white pickup truck was towed as evidence in Seth Hansen’s murder.

He’s been booked into the Douglas County Jail for second degree murder.

Hansen was working at the Speedee Mart near 138th and Maple and police believe Blume ran him over with his truck on January 7th.

A reliable source tells our partner the Omaha World-Herald that Blume was trying to buy chewing tobacco after the store closed and Hansen refused.

The two exchanged words and Blume left.

Then Blume circled around the parking lot and ran over Hansen as he took out the trash.

Hansen's sister Eve Shanklin says they do not know Blume and are at a loss for words as to why someone would do this.

Shanklin says Hansen was a spontaneous person who loved everyone.

Neighbors who knew Blume says he was friendly and always spoke to them and would never have guessed he would do something like this.