Suspect flees scene of a Bellevue traffic stop

Posted at 10:26 PM, Sep 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-15 23:26:42-04

A Bellevue Police officer was dragged by a car a short distance after routine traffic stop escalated once officers identified the driver was wanted on a felony warrant.

BPD would not release the identity of the suspect.

BPD officers initially stopped the vehicle near 33rd and Polk streets, BPD Lt. Kurtis Stroeher said from the scene. After determining the driver was wanted on an active felony warrant, the officers approached the vehicle again, he said.

But the driver wouldn't open his door, Stroeher said. 

One of officers reached around the door to try to unlock it, he said, and the driver started to drive away with the officer's hand caught in the door, dragging the officer.

The officer had his wrist looked at, but the injury was expected to be minor.

"He's OK," Stroeher said.

The car fled eastbound onto Polk street, stopped mid-block around 32nd & Polk, at which point both the driver and passenger fled the vehicle, Stroeher said. The passenger returned to the scene and was cooperative with the police, he said. 

The driver fled and remains at-large, Stroeher said.

Police, including a BPD K-9 unit, searched the scene, but did not find the suspect.