Sydney Loofe disappearance: Retired FBI agent shares insight into missing persons investigations

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) - Former special agent in charge of the FBI's Omaha Division, Wesyan Dun joined 3 News Now Thursday night during our special broadcast on the Sydney Loofe disappearance. Dun has investigated kidnappings and missing persons cases. 

The FBI investigates hundreds of missing persons each year and many are never found. 

"Everybody's expectation is that there's an individual out there that needs help and it's a combine goal of the agencies involved to find that individual and bring them home safely," Dun said. 

Dun also says the FBI gets involved in a missing persons case when local police departments request assistance, as the FBI tends to offer more resources, especially with cases with close state borders. They're also called after a person has been missing for a significant length of time or if there's odd circumstances around the disappearance. 

"So in this case, you have all of these factors," he said. "When you have a case that starts to attract a lot of attention, along with that comes the media attention. Most people aren't equipped to deal with that. So our victim witness folks will help the families navigate that." 

Additionally, these cases get personal for the agents involved. 

"You learn all you can about the person who is missing because that's part of the investigation," Dun said. "But in the course of doing that, even if you've never met the person before, they become a live real person, that you get to know intimately. 

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