System outage at hospital causes surgery cancellations

Posted at 6:50 PM, Aug 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-02 19:59:06-04

The Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital is recovering from a system outage that happened last week.

CEO Levi Sheppers said late Thursday their system started having problems and by Friday they had what he called an 'outage.'

He said they started to cancel about 40 surgeries on Friday because the outage affected their safety system.

"Our anesthesia monitors are technology enabled system, and without that technology it is difficult to operate when the systems are down," said Sheppers.

By Monday the hospital's IT staff were able to get some of the systems back up and running. Schepper said there were concerns the outage was caused by hackers or a date breach, but it does not look like any information was compromised.

"Everything we have looked at, there is no data that is going out of the organization or accessed," he said.

He also said it is possible a cyber attack or ransom ware caused the outage, but that is still being investigated.

"So it could be somebody purposefully attacking us, it could be just general outages. We try to stay on top of it, but what we care most about it taking care of our patients."

The FBI and insurance company are investigating if it was a cyber attack or just a technology outage.

On Tuesday most of the system was back to normal, but Sheppers said it will be a lengthy process to get all of their working stations up and running.