Tangier Shrine Circus Support Worthy Cause

Posted at 4:57 PM, Feb 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-20 12:06:16-05

The Tangier Shrine Circus was in town this past weekend, and, in addition to being great family fun, the circus helps support a worthy cause.

“It’s for children of all ages!” shouted the Ringmaster.

The circus is full of amazing and daring acts, like Bengal tigers, aerial acrobats, and the motorcycle “globe of death.”

But right before the show, the performers take on a different role at the Circus Fun Fair.

“It’s those really kinda personal interactions that bring a smile to kids’ faces,” said Keystone Cop Officer T.J. Blumfield.

Performers like Rachel Plunkett and Cathryn Fields helped with elephant rides, the petting zoo, or even posed as transformers.

“I think this is important to kinda get you in the circus mode, circus feel, so when you go out there you’re like ‘Whoo!’ Get you ready for what’s about to happen,” said Plunkett, a foot juggler in the show.

Kids like Kyler and Kennedi couldn’t agree more.

 “My favorite part is probably the beginning of the show, where all the cops and stuff are there,” said Kennedi Barrett.

The Keystone Cops and the clowns greeted the kids outside, signing autographs and taking pictures.

Earlier today, they made a visit to a very special little boy, a cancer patient, who was hospitalized a few days before he was supposed to come to the circus.

“We all went and visited him while he was in the hospital.  Cheered him up a little bit, did a little bit of magic for him,” said Glich the Clown.

It’s part of the mission of the Tangier Shriners. The circus raises money for the Tangier Shrine Center in Omaha, so they, in turn, can help the patients at Shriner’s hospitals.

“There’s a lot of medical conditions for children that we treat at no cost at all to the families.  So, it’s a really great cause and a fun time,” said Officer Blumfield.

“We all enjoy it, and when we come out to do this, our heart is in it 100%,” said Glich.

Sunday, was the last day the circus was in town, but they're already preparing for next year.  This is the 88th year of the shrine circus.