Taxpayers for Freedom Rally Addresses Property Taxes, ACA, Voter ID

Posted at 4:50 PM, Jul 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-02 18:30:20-04

Congressman Don Bacon spoke at a rally Saturday for Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom. This is the 9th annual Independence Day rally for the conservative group focused on reducing taxes in Nebraska.


A number of state Republicans were there addressing issues such as voter identification, repealing and replacing the ACA, and property taxes in Douglas County.


Doug Kagan, president of Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom, says Fourth of July weekend is the perfect time to talk about lowering taxes.


“That [Independence Day] came primarily because colonists were sick and tired of being taxed by the British government.  Now, we’re being overtaxed by our own government,” said Kagan.


The group says property taxes in Nebraska are some of the highest in the nation.


“That’s especially true in Douglas County.  Our valuations are way out of whack.  They’re much too high.  And because property taxes are based on property valuation, that means our property taxes are going to be higher and higher this year,” said Kagan.


Earlier this year, State Senator Joni Craighead introduced LB 322, which plans to revise the Tax Equalization Review Commission.


“It would put some standards on TERC.  They would have the ability to put a moratorium on increases and decreases.  In the protest process, it would shorten the length of time for people to have a hearing,” said Craighead.


State Senator John Murante spoke about LR 1CA, which would have put voter identification on the ballot for 2018.  A filibuster ultimately defeated that resolution last may.


“Right now, the voters will not have a vote on the issue, and barring a petition initiative or the bill passing in the next legislative session, the voters will not be able to vote,” said Murante.

Murante also urged the crowd to talk to Congressman Bacon about the delay in new healthcare laws.


“Send him the message that he already knows, that as soon as is possible, Obamacare must be replaced,” said Murante.


Congressman Bacon said the delay in repealing and replacing the ACA isn’t going to stop the Senate from ultimately coming up with what he said is a much needed plan.


“This thing’s falling apart, and the Senate will be compelled to come up with something where they get 51 votes, because you can’t just put your head in the ground and ignore it,” said Rep. Bacon.


Congressman Bacon also said he’d like to see that bill pass this month, and that he would not be in support of repealing the current healthcare laws without replacing them with new ones.