Teen wants to thank couple who helped pick up some of his car repair bill

Posted at 5:03 PM, Sep 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-19 19:15:51-04

For the past few decades, family-owned West Omaha Auto Service has been taking care of the Metro’s automotive news.

“I love my customers, they’re awesome,” said Service Manager Anthony Oxtal. 

A few weeks ago when a customer was having issues with their credit card going through, Service Manager Anthony Oxtal put his trust in the customer and said they would figure something out.

"I let him just take the car for the weekend and told him we'd take care of it Monday,” said Oxtal.

19-year-old Zach Bowen drove his 2006 Ford Taurus home.  First thing Monday, his mom Sherry called the shop to pay.

"When I called in he said I have something here for you,” said Sherry Bowen.

Someone had left a surprise for Bowen in the key drop box. 

"I saw the flat one and then I saw the note and I was like wow that was nice,” said Oxtal.

Inside a key drop envelope was $200 cash to help pay for Bowen’s repairs. 

“It was a big shock.  I was definitely in tears,” said Sherry Bowen.

“Yeah I’m definitely going to frame this envelope,” said Zach Bowen.

Someone had overheard Bowen that day in the repair shop lobby, he and his wife felt compelled to help. 

“You guys are a prime example that there is still kindness in this world,” said Zach Bowen.

Bowen says he can’t thank the repair shop and the couple enough. 

“It really touched me and now I’m eternally grateful,” said Zach Bowen.

His mom says this random act of kindness isn’t stopping here. 

“I definitely want to pay it forward for someone else, so that it keeps on going,” said Sherry Bowen.