Teens show support for utility crews

Posted at 6:36 PM, Jun 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-19 19:37:23-04
Some area teens saw the utility crews' hard work to restore power and wanted to show their appreciation.
After the storm knocked out power for at least 3 thousand, volleyball players from Plattsmouth High came together to support NPPD who is still trying to restore power for just under a dozen tonight. 
Here's a look at just some of the damage left behind in Plattsmouth after Fridays disaster. "With the storm we never really had that big of a storm before so the community really needed to some help so we decided to go help" says Plattsmouth volleyball player Taylor Caba
Teens at Plattsmouth High came together to help clean the community but also feed the linemen who have been working since 9 p.m. Friday. "They are always showing us support especially with sports they are always showing up and they have been working all week away from their families especially on Father's Day so we just feel like we have to show them support to."
NPPD says with strong winds knocking out power for thousands they called in linemen from across central Nebraska for back up."We are a little bit tired but we also run on adrenaline so keep busy and the days go by really fast" says NPPD Distribution Superintendent Ray Boston.
Some people say they got the worst of the storm. High winds damaged personal property they say cant be replaced. "It always sat here so I never thought to have any parking insurance on it" Longtime resident David Cagle says he cant recall a storm ever being this bad, but next time he says he'll be prepared. "I just know the clean up gotta start cleaning up everything and taking more of a precaution and not parking your car where trees are."