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Tensions high as Love's Jazz and Art Center struggles financially

The center is a historical and integral part of the North Omaha community
Posted at 6:33 PM, Oct 14, 2019

NORTH OMAHA, Neb. — Love's Jazz and Art Center is a historical and integral part of the North Omaha community.

"We are a jazz venue, we are an exhibit hall and we are a cultural and humanitarian center," director Doug Washington said.

The history is rich.

"Quite frankly a story somewhat untold is that North Omaha music history and jazz history is phenomenal. It could be argued maybe that it's the home of jazz," North Omaha community activist Preston Love Jr. said.

But now the center is experiencing financial strains.

"We're just going through some growing pains. A lot of non-profit organizations do go through those types growing pains," Washington said.

The cause could be a number of things.

"We've experienced some hardships if you will say, basically because of lack of funding through the philanthropic community," Washington said.

Because Love's is such an important part of North Omaha residents get fired up when problems arise. Rumors have been spreading as to what's causing the problems and who's to blame. Today a meeting was called to dispel those rumors and discuss how to keep Love's afloat. One of the rumors going around was that Mayor Jean Stothert.

"That the mayor is trying to close the Love Center is absolutely not true. It's unfounded and it's based on craziness," Love Jr. said.

But people still have questions. Community leaders and board members are focusing on a way to keep the center and its legacy alive.

"So it needs to find it's way. Many of us are trying to help," Love Jr. said.

Preston Love Jr. is the son of the man the club was build to honor. He also wants to lay rumors to rest and focus on the future of the center.

"We need to maintain it's value. And it has great value," he said.