Tent fireworks sales underway in Council Bluffs

Tent fireworks sales underway in Council Bluffs
Posted at 5:20 PM, Jun 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-23 18:20:10-04

Tents selling fireworks are popping up all over Council Bluffs, stocked with everything from sparklers to artillery shells, as the state allows pyrotechnic sales for the first time. 

Workers from Iowa Western Community College's football program manned the tent Friday on 9th Avenue near I-29. 

"It came to fruition real quickly,” said Coach Scott Strohmeier. “They needed someone to run the stand and as a football program and a fundraiser we agreed."

 Iowa allows for the sale of Class One and Class Two fireworks and novelty items. The city's fire marshal, Larry Wohlers, is responsible for inspecting the temporary tents twice before they're allowed to start selling. 

"We get to shoot everything so it’s going to be an interesting year," Wohlers said. "The state passed the fireworks law allowing fireworks in our state for the first time. So it’s new to us. That whole process from the licensing to the inspection to everything. We’ve been overwhelmed the last few days." 

Wohlers has concerns over safety and compliance. Already, a few tents have failed inspection and won't be allowed to open this year. 

The IWCC football program sees fireworks as a good way to bring in money. They will receive 15 percent of all the fireworks sales, offsetting travel, equipment and other expenses. 

"The people thought that we would do good at this location,” Strohmeier said. “So, we'll see. We’ve had quite a few come through already." 


In Council Bluffs, you can set off fireworks on July 1st through the 4th and on New Year’s Eve.