The President's youngest fans flocked to...

Posted at 10:40 AM, Jan 14, 2016

The year was 2008 and thousands flocked to the Civic Auditorium for a chance to hear presidential hopeful Barack Obama speak.  One of the people in the crowd was just a toddler at the time. 

“She had just turned two in that picture,” said Savannah Devereaux’s grandmother.

Savannah Devereaux was a ways away from the legal voting age, but that didn’t keep the presidential hopeful from acknowledging his young fan. 

“She had her sign and she was like rock the vote, Obama, Obama and she was yelling so loud and cute and when he finished his speech he came down and held her and took a picture with her,” said Celeste Butler, Savannah’s Grandma. 

On Wednesday, the now nine-year-old Savannah was given a second chance to see the president. 

“I was really excited,” said Devereaux. 

She says this time around she’ll remember any picture she takes.

“It was so cool,” said Devereaux.

Just like Savannah cherishes the 2008 photo, another youngster in the crowd Wednesday got to capture a memory of his own. 

“People were pushing me forward,” said Carson Hill. 

Nine-year-old Carson Hill got to shake the President’s hand. 

“They just kept pushing me so I got so close that I just reached out with my hand and we just touched,” said Hill.

Thumbs up for a moment he’ll never forget.