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Thieves continue to target Zorinsky Lake parking lots

Posted at 6:41 PM, Sep 19, 2019

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — A popular place many people use for exercise or to enjoy nature has turned into a common area for crime recently. Multiple people have had their car windows broken by thieves looking to steal items left behind.

"I had debit cards, flexible spending account card, credit cards, so all of that was gone along with my drivers license," said Emily Hallam, who had her Jeep broken into in August. Hallam was at the lake for a run, and parked her vehicle on the north side of the lake. When she got back to her vehicle, her back passenger side window was shattered.

Hallam is one of many recently. Piles of glass exist at multiple different parking lots at Zorinsky. The Omaha Police Department says thieves know you're leaving valuables in your car at a place like that. "In particular being at like a recreational area where you're probably not likely to carry your valuables with you, you're going to think I need to store those somewhere, if I'm running I'm not going to carry a purse or a backpack," said Detective Joel Strominger.

If you're planning on parking at the lake, make sure to always lock your car. That may not be enough however, so be sure to leave any valuables at home, or take them with you.

"Find a way to leave your valuables at home if it's something you can't keep on your body then leave it at home, don't put it in your car," says Hallam.

More tips from O.P.D. is to put items in your trunk when possible, park in busier parking lots, and keep a vehicle safe for extra security, in your car.