Threat investigated at Bellevue West

Bellevue school administrators and Bellevue Police investigated a report of a threat at Bellevue West High School on Friday.
Administrators were contacted about a rumor going around among students that someone was planning to shoot up the school.  Deans and police were able to quickly find the students involved who will face consequences. Police determined that there was never a threat made. Students are safe and the school continued as normal.
Bellevue West Principal Kevin Rohlfs sent the following letter to parents on Friday.
Dear Bellevue West High School Parent/Guardian(s):
I wanted to inform you about a situation Bellevue West was notified of today.   
We were contacted about students overhearing there was someone planning to shoot up the school. Our deans and Bellevue Police were able to quickly track down the students involved. The police have determined that there was never a threat made by anyone and the students involved will face the consequences.
Please rest assured the students are safe and the school day will continue as normal.
Please take this time to have an open dialogue with your sons and daughters, explain how texting and all forms of social media can only compound the problem.
The most effective safety program is one where students, parents and the community are observant and report anything suspicious.
If you or your children have questions, please contact me at (402) 293-4040.
Kevin Rohlfs, Principal
Bellevue West High School
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