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Three babies born to three military families in three days

Posted at 5:14 PM, Sep 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-09 02:00:41-04

Shana Hoffman, Stephanie Franklin, and Ciara Lyster met after moving to Omaha for their husband's jobs. 

The men all work for Offutt Air Force Base. 

All three woman, (who were soon-to-be-mothers) joined a support group with other military wives. 

"Most of the folks in our group are gonna be moving next summer so just to kind of create a family within a family, and then expand your family, is beautiful," Hoffman said.

Now the women have an even closer connection with their babies being born days a part. 

Shana was the first to give birth to 8-pound Dalton Hoffman on Labor Day. 

"We joked about it but didn't believe it would happen," Franklin said. 

The next day, Franklin delivered her 6-pound baby girl, Natalia. 

The mothers were even in rooms right next to each other. 

"We were all in the same hallway too so we kind of heard each other," Franklin said. 

Thursday morning, Lyster gave birth to her daughter, Sadie. 

"It's pretty ironic that all three of them were supposed to go in at the same time, I know everyone had due dates kind of separate not too far apart," Husband Charles Lyster said. But not on the same day, but it's still kind of cool within three days we had different babies."

The mothers say they're happy to share a bond for a lifetime, no matter where the military takes their families. 

"We're gonna definitely get together and have some playdates and get together and just support each other," Hoffman said.