Three staff members assaulted at Tecumseh State Correctional Institution

Posted at 9:30 AM, Apr 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-20 10:30:41-04

Three staff members were assaulted by an inmate at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution Wednesday night.

Department of Correctional Service officials say the staff members were removing several inmates, who appeared to be under the influence of homemade alcohol, from the housing unit. One inmate was standing with his hands crossed in front of him when a corporal approached him and told him he was going to place handcuffs on him. At that moment the inmate turned and swung at the corporal, who was knocked to the ground and received contusions.

The inmate moved across the room and assaulted another corporal who was restraining another inmate. The corporal suffered contusions to the head, required five stitches and received a chipped tooth and another was knocked loose.

Staff responded and used OC spray to stop the assault and subdue the inmate. As they were attempting to restrain the inmate, he bit a caseworker in the thigh.

The two corporals were treated and released from Johnson County Hospital. The caseworker did not seek outside medical care.

This incident was isolated to one inmate and did not require the unit to be locked down. The facility is operating normally.