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Ticket scalping at the College World Series

Posted at 10:35 AM, Jun 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-19 19:14:10-04

It's a problem at every year at major sporting events: ticket scalping. 

And getting into TD Ameritrade Park can be tricky if you head down without a ticket already in hand... Unless you are willing to work with ticket scalpers. Recent rain is taking a toll on some of those selling tickets, as they try to adjust to the new schedule.

Business is bad -- that's how scalpers described trying to sell tickets for today's games. Meaning buyers could see the game from a great seat for a low price.

It feels like you see them on every corner -- offering tickets for sale. According to Omaha Police tickets can be sold within half a mile from TD Ameritrade Park and must go for at most face value. Face value for reserved tickets is between $32 and $43, while at the club level it is between $60 and $70. General admission tickets are $15 and $90 for a book of $10. Police say they will be actively enforcing all scalping laws. "We just get tickets and stuff and we try to pass on savings to the fans," said Eric Shine, selling tickets at College World Series. But for scalpers selling tickets at the College World Series today -- business is bad. "We're having a very hard time because it's raining and a lot of people are changing their mind about coming to the game, a lot of people are looking at the weather and not coming," said Reginald Harvey, selling tickets at College World Series since 1999. 

Scalpers are saying that the rain delays yesterday during the games are hurting sales today. "It's not good because they are getting rained out and a lot of people don't wanna go in because they are having rain delays,” said Shine.

Harvey has been selling tickets at the College World Series for almost 20 years. "I like the atmosphere and I like college baseball and I like selling tickets," said Harvey. But even as a seasoned veteran he is having a hard time moving his tickets. "When it's bad weather a lot of people leave, people are going home so a lot of people are having tickets for sale,” said Harvey.

Scalpers are even buying the tickets that others have for sale or left over giving great deals to others and hoping to make any sort of profit they can. But scalpers say that even the promise of cheap deals isn't bringing people to the games.

"By getting postponed that discourages because now they gotta spend 2 to 3 hours waiting for it to resume if it does resume,” said Shine. All due to the potential for bad weather. "Baseball and rain don't go together,” said Shine. Scalpers say that today is the time to see the games from a great seat for a great deal.

Those out today said all their tickets for sale are legit but if you would like to buy from another source ticket information on where to get them and prices can be found on our website.

You can find more information on how to find legitimate tickets here.