Tiger cubs make their debut at the zoo

Posted at 5:34 PM, Aug 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-18 18:44:52-04

The Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium has three new stars. A new litter of Amur tiger cubs was introduced to the public on Thursday.

The new additions were born July 7th, their mother is Isabella and their father is Sasha, who lives in the Cat Complex in a separate exhibit.

Thursday was their first check-ups, and one of the three decided she wasn't going to participate in physical day, but her two brothers went through the works.

They had their eyes checked, hearts listened to, got vaccinated, and had an important chip put in their backs.

“They also got chipped, they got microchips, which will be permanent identification their whole lives, exactly the same kind of chips we put in pets,” said Zoo Director of Animal Heath, Doug Armstrong.

He said this litter of cubs is an exciting time for the zoo.

“This is the first litter in I think six years, and the last one was actually the mother of these cubs, she was the last one that was born here,” said Armstrong.

As mom came out to check on her cubs, the crowd gathered to see the new additions.

“I think they are cool,” said Cody, who was with his family from Kansas.

“It is adorable,” said Melissa Hartshorn, who was with her daughter. “Do you see them,” she said pointing to the cubs. 

Mom was finally able to get the girl to come out of her hiding place and make her debut to the crowd.

Armstrong said the tigers will stay together for about a year, or however long they can get along, and eventually they go somewhere else.

“These cubs will almost certainly go somewhere else, but probably not until they are two years old,”
he said.

Right now the zoo needs help naming the cubs. They are having a contest, and there is a table set up outside their exhibit. Just a reminder there are two boys and one girl.