Tobacco, vaping ban considered at MCC

Posted at 5:47 PM, Mar 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-21 21:40:38-04

Smoking cigarettes, chewing and vaping could soon be history at Metro Community College.

The metro board will consider a smoking ban Tuesday that could go beyond campus.

MCC’s president wants all seven community college locations to follow the trend of other local colleges and tackle tobacco use.

Under the ban proposal, tobacco and vaporized nicotine products would not be allowed on any part of campus including in student's cars parked on MCC property.

“I don't think we should encourage people to continue to do unhealthy habits like smoking and vaping,” said Sophomore Andrew Leinen. “Maybe banning them might lead some people to quit.”

Not everyone agrees with the plan to ban tobacco products.

"I understand the smoking thing, second hand smoke is a thing, but nobody is being affected by people using chewing tobacco," said Freshman Michael Clark, a nonsmoker.

Sophomore Taylor Hinman says vaping helps people quit smoking.

"If you're going to ban smoking cigarettes, definitely you don't want to ban things that are going to help people quit smoking cigarettes, especially on college campus with students where it's really prevalent in their daily lives,” Hinman said.  

Sophomore been Earl, a smoker, says smoking areas are too close to nonsmoking areas.

"A solution to that would be to relocate the smoking area,” said Sophomore Ben Earl. “Put it somewhere people in the nonsmoking areas can't smell the smoke, they're not affected by the smoke. Maybe a little further away from the entrances."

The Metropolitan Community College Board will hear feedback from the public Tuesday before voting on whether or not the ban will be voted on next month.

A survey will go out to students in the meantime.