Tom Hanks writes letter to Mercy High seniors

Posted at 4:45 PM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-30 17:50:40-04

Actor Tom Hanks sent a letter to a couple of Mercy High School seniors who asked him to attend their graduation.

In a post on Facebook, the school shared a photo of the letter dated March 24, 2016, which appeared to have been typed on a typewriter.

"I can't make the ceremony, but I know Omaha is one  great town," Hanks wrote (though he had a couple of typos).

A copy of the text of his letter is below:

"Dear Turner & Hooch. Wait, I mean Malia & Annie AKA Rains & Pflaum... Rains & Pflaum, what a team!

Yay, on your graduation! Off you two go, on the next adventure -- work, create, live, laugh, not all that different from High School, Mercy High -- which sounds like the title of a [kick***] short story... I can't make the ceremony, but I know Omaha is one great town. Henry Fonda! And, I drove through there back in 1978 on my way to The Future.

It sounds like I may have been an unofficial babysitter for you both. Pop those movies into the player, order pizza, and boom, a Friday night has gone by. I've done that, just not with my movies -- I've seen them, know how they end...

Now, the two of you have some questions to answer. 1. Where next? College? Which colleges? 2. Where to this summer, as you are grads. Disney World? Europe? Costco? 3. What do you think was in the FedEx box in Cast Away. 4. Turner? Or Hooch? Lemme know.

And XXXXXXXXX good going at Mercy High.

All good things,

Tom Hanks"