TONIGHT AT 10: Medical marijuana in Nebraska?

Posted at 9:59 AM, Feb 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-08 11:59:25-05

Legalizing medical marijuana is once again before the Nebraska Legislature.

Sponsors LB643, the Medical Cannabis Act, have modeled the bill after Minnesota's law, which passed in 2014.

Gov. Pete Ricketts has opposed legalizing medical marijuana.

KMTV reporter Nick Starling recently visited a medical marijuana facility in Minnesota to take a look at how it operates.

It is Bellevue Sen. Tommy Garrett’s second attempt to get a medical marijuana law passed.

Last October, he toured LeafLine Labs, which operates two facilities in Minnesota, to learn more about their law.

One location has the growing operation. That is where cloned plants are grown to make similar batches of medicine, which comes in the form of pills, oils and vapor.

Those products are sold to patients in another facility down the road.

It looks like a regular doctor's office, but there are a few differences.

LeafLine Labs CEO Manny Munson-Regala says Nebraska should allow medical marijuana because it helps certain patients.

“The folks that come see us, they have options. They come see us because those options aren't working for them. The folks come that see us are pretty sick. How sick? Eleven of my patients, in the seven months we’ve been open, have passed away. So when people think about who is coming to be our patients, I really, really want to tell them these are folks who need oiur help," said Munson-Regala.

Garrett says his bill is very strict, only allowing medical marijuana sales to patients who have cancer, seizures and epilepsy, among other ailments.

The bill also only allows the medication in pills or oils.

Some opponents of the bill say adopting this law is like opening Pandora’s box because of all the uncertainty.

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