Tornado caused a social media craze

Posted at 11:23 PM, Apr 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-28 00:23:09-04

The tornado clearly visible near 132nd and Dodge Street sparked a social media firestorm.

Many people took video of the swirling clouds just after 3 p.m. and posted them on Twitter and Facebook.

"As anybody does, go run to the window and see what's going on--don't run to the basement," said Daniel Loutzenhiser.

Loutzenhiser took video from a window at his work across the street, "It kind of got a little bit tense there for a moment because it just wasn't going North, it was just spinning the entire time and this could potentially turn into something potentially scary".

Loutzenhiser is originally from Nebraska and used to the severe weather but not used to working so close to a funnel cloud, luckily everyone is safe and sound.

"A little bit of excitement without the danger," said Loutzenhiser.