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Towing cars abandoned in snowstorms

Towing companies swamped after snowstorms
Posted at 6:05 PM, Feb 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-26 19:19:11-05

We've all seen those cars abandoned on the side of the road during or after a snowstorm, but that begs the question: what happens to those vehicles next?

The obvious answer is they get pulled out and towed away. which is why Arrow Towing's phones are ringing off the hook, tripling their calls.

"A lot of times, if a car is abandoned on the interstate, that tow will get called in by law enforcement. Through both Iowa and Nebraska, the state patrols and county sheriffs put tow companies on rotations and take turns calling tow companies to come out and pick up cars," says Arrow Towing general manager Steve Rains.

And during a snow emergency, you might have to wait a little bit longer, because Rains says those law enforcement calls get first priority.

Abandoned vehicles around Omaha don't have far to go once they are picked up by a tow company.

"Those cars in Nebraska end up at the Omaha Impound lot if they're in Douglas county or they may end up in the Sarpy county impound lot. They end up in an impound lot somewhere," explains Rains.

All of this keeps them busy, but adds to the amount of time tow operators spend of the side of the interstate.

He reminds us it's always a dangerous situation and drivers need to pay extra attention.

"Please move over for people on the side of the interstate. If it's law enforcement, if it's our tow operators, please move over. Those guys are putting themselves at risk. It's bad enough when it's dry outside, but especially now. Please, please do your best to slow down and move over," adds Rains.