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Track fans check out Omaha before and after state meet

Posted at 10:14 PM, May 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-18 23:14:19-04

The NSAA State Track meet is expected to bring in around $5 million in additional tax revenue to Omaha.

Brittany Hanzlik made the four hour trip from Stuart, Nebraska with over a dozen family members. Before heading to Burke High School, she had an appointment to make. 

"I got my nails done with my cousin, otherwise were all just kind of meeting with family and seeing some people we haven't seen in awhile," says Hanzlik.

Others like Taylor Dybdal of Hartington are making plans once everything wraps up tomorrow. 

“Tomorrow we'll be at the track meet and then I want to go to the zoo," says Dybdal. 

Almost every attendee rooting for the 200-plus schools competing had someplace in town they wanted to stop by.

Karon Harris of Follett, Texas plans to spend around $500 in Omaha over the weekend and already made one major stop.

“Today we went to the mall for awhile. My girls, my daughter and granddaughter shopped...I tagged," says Harris. 

Harris and her family were clearly not alone at Westroads Mall as Claire’s store manager Alycia Clifford says today was a quite different than a regular Friday.

“Traffic definitely, a lot more kids coming in than kids and parents," says Clifford. 

Plenty of those people also apparently wanted coffee.

“Out of every 10 people, I'd say there was one or two people from out of town or somewhere else," says Scooter’s employee Trinity Hendrickson.