Trapped raccoon recovering

Posted at 5:39 PM, Dec 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-30 18:39:46-05

The Nebraska Humane Society is looking for the person they say illegally put animal  traps in a West Omaha park.

The traps were found near an area where children play, and animal control officers rescued two raccoons that got caught in them.

The kids who found the trap say it was a regular day at the park when they saw the raccoon trying to free his leg from the trap.

After attempting to help they called the humane society who came to the raccoons rescue.

Just a day at the park for two kids helped the Nebraska Humane Society discover illegal activity taking place in this neighborhood.

"He was like trying to pull his hand out but couldn't."

Jose Barela and his friend say they were in this wooded area just behind the park and saw a trapped raccoon.

"We tried to get it out with a stick and then called the Humane Society and they came and found it."

The Humane Society says they were able to free him from this illegal trap but had to take him in for recovery.

"This is not only a danger to animals it's also a danger to kids."

Animal Control Officer Ruthie Pohl says someone hunting raccoons has set at least four traps at this park and they've rescued two raccoons in just 24 hours.

"Animal reaches his arm or leg in to get whatever is in there out, these clamps down and completely traps the animal."

"It's really not all worth it when it causes the animal so much suffering."

Dennis the raccoon is now in recovery, but expected to be ok.

"He looked pretty sad."

Animal Control is asking anyone with information on whose been setting the traps to please contact the Nebraska Humane Society.

"We are just hoping that someone who lives nearby has seen something, and will give us a call with any information."