Trek Up The Tower Challenges Athletes with Vertical Race

Posted at 7:52 PM, Feb 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-18 20:52:27-05

A partnership between Wellcom and First National Bank results in a unique race.  In fact, one of the biggest and hardest races here in Omaha isn’t on the ground.  It goes straight up.  It spans 634 feet into the air.


Wellcom’s 11th annual Trek Up the Tower covers 870 steps in 40 floors of the First National tower.


“For people that come into the building that they see maybe every day driving by – but to actually come into the tower, head up to 40 and be able to see our city, our beautiful landscape unlike anything they’ve ever seen before, it’s really a great opportunity for many people,” remarked Wellcom president and CEO Rebecca Vinton.


This is Wellcom’s largest fundraiser of the year.  The goal of Wellcom and the race is to inspire a healthy workplace culture.


“It’s so much fun to watch businesses coming together to offer this as an opportunity for their employees to do something fun, something unique,” said Vinton.


Callahan Financial Planning is using the event to kick off a year of company-wide fitness events.  Their secret to finishing?


“Stairs and Stairmaster.  Lots of Stairmaster,” said William Callahan, CEO.


Individual climbers are also welcome.


“I was hoping it would motivate me to start getting in shape for the year and keep me in shape.  It was definitely a motivator,” said climber Elizabeth Watkins.


Vinton says the partnership with the most recognizable workplace in Omaha, is key to the event’s success.


“Without their support, it would be very difficult to have Trek Up the Tower, especially without the tower,” said Vinton.


Some climbers sign up to do the trek multiple times in one day, including 72-year-old Lincoln climber Ned Greene who climbed 14 times.