Trick Shots and Mini Golf at the Pinnacle Bank Championship

Posted at 5:19 PM, Jul 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-18 18:19:52-04

Tuesday marked day two of  the Pinnacle Bank Golf Championship week in Elkhorn. Organizers opened the greens to the younger crowd for a free event that allowed children to experience golf and learn from the pros.


"I'm hitting shots that would be deemed very unusual,” explained former Husker baseball player and trick shot golfer Dan Boever.


Boever knows how to get kids interested in the world of golf.


"They're at a young age.  So they don't really care about where your grip is and where your hands are and where your feet are.  They just want to have fun and laugh and see something crazy,” said Boever.


He and his colleagues hit golf balls into a huge wall filled with soda cans, spraying cola as the ball shattered the can.


Around 300 kids and adults made it out to Sonic Youth Day at the Pinnacle Bank Championship Tuesday.


"What a great opportunity.  It's free.  They got slushies.  We got inflatables.  We got mini-golf...We had hundreds and hundreds of youth from all over Omaha.  And what a tremendous way, we have perfect weather, and it kicks off a great week of championship golf,” said David Honnens, CEO of the Nebraska PGA.


After the show, the kids got to sink some putts of their own on a makeshift mini golf course with help from the pros.


"It's fun because you get to make a bunch of holes," said Miranda Bevins, 9.


And for those that need a little more help, there's Snag.  An inflatable game with a huge target and a giant golf club.


"These young girls right here, they can literally be making a swing with Mr. Seth Scollard, a PGA professional, within two minutes," explained Honnens.


And it's not just the professionals that have tips to improve your game.


"Keep your eye on like where you want to go, where you want your ball to go into the hole at,” explained Miranda.