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Triple digit temperatures mean air conditioners running hard: OPPD's tips for keeping energy bill lower

Posted at 6:29 PM, Aug 25, 2023

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — "Just like your air conditioner is working extra hard in this, our equipment is working extra hard as well," said Jason Kuiper, a spokesperson for OPPD.

As of Thursday afternoon, Kuiper said OPPD hasn't had any major outages this week.

"We know that power is, it's critical for people, especially during weather like this," Kuiper said.

Kuiper said when they see weather like this coming they make sure crews and equipment are ready.

"Making sure that all of the maintenance is done on the trucks so if there is an event that we have to respond to, the equipment that they have is working well," he said.

But what if your energy bill is higher than expected?

"There's also programs that we have like our energy assistance program. It's available if people need help with their bills. We have different resources that customers can use," said Kuiper.

OPPD said there are ways to keep your bill low.

1. Try to avoid using heat-generating appliances during the day.
2. Adjust your thermostat up a few degrees.
3. And close your shades.

"I, you have electrical equipment that's plugged in that you are not using, it can help to unplug that. We call that phantom energy," Kuiper said.

These are just some of the tips OPPD said could help your bill and overall reliability.

"We appreciate the things that they can do at home to help with energy conservation," added Kuiper.

Additional conservation tips can be found on the OPPD website, including a room-by-room guide.

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