Trump visits Council Bluffs; will support...

Posted at 10:32 PM, Dec 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-29 23:32:55-05

Hundreds waited outside and thousands filled the Mid America Center to see Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday.

It’s the first time Trump has been back in Council Bluffs in about 6 months.

His main talking points were on his steady ranking in the polls, stopping illegal immigration and finding a way to defeat the terror group ISIS. 

The Pottawattamie County GOP Party says they're anticipating at least a 50% increase in people participating in the caucuses, and part of that they attribute to the support for Trump.

Council Bluffs residents KMTV talked to say they like his ideas but the way he says them doesn't completely sit well with some.

“I don’ think he’s presidential material but if he’s going to be our nominee I’m going to have to vote for him whether I like it or not.  I’d rather have him than what we’ve had the last 8 years,” Sharon Schulenberg of Council Bluffs.

Iowa is an important state for republican candidates.  Mike Huckabee has already said he'll likely drop out of the race if he doesn't win the state.

The Pott. County GOP Party says they've had a steady stream of emails and calls about the caucus process, and they feel it's partially for people looking to participate on trump's behalf.