PolitiFact examines Hillary Clinton's statements

Posted at 4:40 PM, Dec 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-16 17:40:48-05

Amid an Omaha campaign visit from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, KMTV’s partners at PolitiFact took a look at how she has scored during their fact checks.

PolitiFact's Truth-O-Meter shows how she stands after examining 140 of her statements in recent years:

True: 28%
Mostly True: 23%
Half True: 21%
Mostly False: 16%
False: 11%
Pants on Fire: 1%

PolitiFact takes a closer look at two statements Clinton made this month.

In a post to her campaign website in early December, Hillary Clinton was quoted as saying, "Ted Cruz tried to ban contraception" five times.

While Sen. Cruz is a strong opponent of abortion, Clinton's campaign doesn't show how Cruz is trying to push across-the-board bans on contraception.

His support of a personhood amendment might ban certain types of contraception. Other examples are limited and deal with what employers would be required to pay for.


The statement contains some element of truth but ignores critical facts that would give a different impression, so PolitiFact rates it “Mostly False.”

Last week, Clinton told ABC News that the Charleston, South Carolina, shooter "should have never been given a gun, but the universal background check was not fast enough." 

Dylann Roof admitted to a drug offense a few weeks before he tried to buy a gun, so the FBI said he should have been denied one.

However, it wasn't the three-day time limit by itself that undermined Roof's background check. There were clerical errors in the FBI's database that prevented the examiner from seeing Roof's drug admission.


Clinton's characterization misses some important information about Roof's case. PolitiFact rates it “Mostly True.”

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