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Turkeys become talk of Papillion

Posted at 8:29 PM, Aug 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-28 21:32:08-04

PAPILLION, Neb. (KMTV) — You've heard of Where's Waldo?

But we're not sure you've heard of this game; people in Papillion are playing where are George and Martha?

“It started off just the male, and then the female started popping up,” Kristi Redden, started George and Martha Facebook group said.

“I've seen the big one I think it was the male. He was going across the street to the school,” Mick Pierce, Dairy Queen Owner said.

A pair of turkeys have been hanging out in downtown Papillion on Washington Street. A few Facebook pictures later and they got their own Facebook group.

“I thought these guys need names so let's do a vote and see what their names,” Redden said.

The group naturally settled on George and Martha because they're usually spotted on Washington Street.

“You have to make them alive, you can't just say that's a turkey. You got to have a name,” Pierce said.

In their official Facebook group, more than 750 local fans have been busy posting pictures this past week. The turkeys have been spotted crossing the road, hanging out with their neighbors, and watching people work.

“It’s just kind of a way to get away from life and the moment,” Redden said. “Watch their pictures, see their stories. There's been somewhere they are peaking in windows and stuff, people are calling him a Peeping Tom.”

Unfortunately, on Wednesday George forgot to look both ways before crossing the road and he is now in greener pastures. People are sympathizing together on Facebook. One person said they buried him on their property in the country.

“It's the new thing in town, you know something for people to talk about, Facebook and all of that I think they really enjoy something other than other things going on right now,” Pierce said.

Pierce has extended them an invitation to his Dairy Queen restaurant for some ice cream.

“We have dog dishes so why not a turkey dish,” Pierce said.

Maybe that's why the turkey crossed the road.