Twenty dachshunds rescued from Arkansas are...

Posted at 4:44 PM, Jan 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-26 19:13:19-05

Caged and uncared for no more.  Ten days ago Nebraska Dachshund rescue got a plea for help all the way from Arkansas.

“They were kept in boxes in a garage, kept in cages stacked on top of each other in the garage and I’m not sure if any of them were ever kept in the home,” said Julie Siebler with Nebraska Dachshund Rescue. 

Forty one dogs were packed tight in cages.  They were unhealthy and used only to breed. 

“It’s very hard for me to imagine one of my dogs sleeping out in a box in a barn, it’s very emotional,” said Siebler.

Siebler is happy the breeder made the right decision to surrender her dogs.  The pups were split between a few rescue groups.  Twenty made the trek to Omaha. 

“Well we knew it was going to be overwhelming to try to vet them all.  We just had to plan properly that’s all,” said Dr. Susan Kyle.

Dr. Susan Kyle of Rockbrook Animal Clinic and her staff spent their day trying to get the Dachshunds healthy. 

“They don’t all have fleas, but I’d say a majority of them do,” said Dr. Kyle.

Fleas, heart worm, dirty ears and decaying teeth were some of the symptoms Dr. Kyle’s office treated Tuesday.  Despite the diagnosis, these dogs will be good to go in no time, ready for their forever homes. 

“They can definitely love and be loved.  I fell in love with all twenty of them, they’re definitely trainable and I think they’ll adapt okay.  I don’t think we will have any problem getting these adopted at all” said Siebler. 

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