"Twisted case of fatal attraction" goes to trial

Posted at 6:07 PM, May 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-10 19:30:26-04

Shanna Golyar, 41, is on trial for the first degree murder of Cari Farver in November of 2012 after she went missing.  Prosecutors say Golyar harassed Farver after she started dating a man who broke it off with the defendant.

Investigators believe she killed Cari in her vehicle, burned her body, and then tried to take her job and text people from Cari's phone to act like she was alive.  Farver's blood was found in her own vehicle and Golyar's fingerprint was found on a mint can inside.

Afterwards Golyar allegedly sent 12-thousand emails and texts to the former boyfriend from many fake accounts over a couple of years.

"This is a bizarre and twisted case of fatal attraction.  It's about an obsessive woman that would stop at nothing to get what she wanted and I this case what she wanted was a man," Deputy Douglas Co. Attorney Brenda Beadle explained.

Golyar's defense says because the victim’s body hasn’t been located there's no way that investigator can be sure Farver was murdered or how, and where it happened.

“Material relating to how bad a person she is, “Crazy Liz,” or how evil she is but there isn't any evidence of the evil act or the crazy act and that's what a court of law is about.  That's what you need to convict,” said Golyar’s defense attorney James Martin Davis.

Then Farver's bosses at the West Corporation testified to the last day they saw her.  Two days after she didn't show up to work, her boss received a text message.

“I won’t be coming back.  I am taking a job in Kansas. Sorry for the short notice.  I am sending someone out to you to fill the position her name is Shanna Golyar,” the text message stated.

Prosecutors say Golyar used fake email and Facebook accounts to deceive her ex-boyfriend and police even claiming Farver was vandalizing her property.  She also allegedly wrote an email on behalf of someone else admitting to killing Farver.

The bench trial is expected to last 2 weeks.