Two boys recovering after being hit by a car

Posted at 11:00 PM, Apr 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-27 07:16:17-04

A horrible scene unfolds on a busy street corner near the Dodge Expressway in West Omaha. Police say a black Toyota Corolla hit two middle school boys as they were walking home from school Tuesday afternoon at 156th and Pepperwood Streets.

Police said the driver had the right of way, while the two boys were crossing 156th Street.

“The driver had a green light according to witnesses and what my investigators are telling me, so the children crossed against traffic to get from the west side of the road way to east,” said Omaha Police Sergeant Jason Menning.

Besides fire crews and police, helping the boys were an army of witnesses, turned lifesavers.

“We saw two kids laying in the road-that looked pretty banged up,” said witness Amy Whelan.

Whelan is a registered nurse and her 16-year-old son Jacob rushed to each of the boys to help out.

“I just put pressure on his head to try to get the bleeding to stop and tried to talk with him to try to get him to calm down,” said Whelan.

While Whelan helped one boy, her son helped the other.

The two boys are recovering at the Nebraska Med center suffering broken legs, head and chest injuries. OPD said their injuries are considered serious but non-life threatening.