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Two local DMV offices closing to make way for statewide changes

Posted at 5:28 PM, Apr 24, 2018

At the end of the day Wednesday, two local DMV branches will close for good before a statewide office opens up next week.

The Sarpy County DMV, located at the courthouse, and a Douglas County DMV on 50th and F streets are shutting down to make room for the new consolidated location just south of Highway 370 on 45th Street and Maass Road.

State officials say this will allow customers to be in and out of lines in less time but people we talked with at the DMV on Tuesday said their commutes will now be longer.

"It does inconvenience me, I live in this area and I don't even know where another office is. And I really wish they would not move it because there is a lot of business we do in and out of this office," says Omaha resident Marie Bohls.

"This is like three miles from our house now and if we had to go down there it's just more inconvenient. This place has been great I had to go down here for something else and I was in and out in 10 minutes," says Dick Essink an Omaha resident. 

Some folks are welcoming the idea of a larger office in Bellevue and say the drive will not be difficult to make. 

"Bellevue is not that far compared to other cities, people driving like one hour to go somewhere like Chicago or California. Here this is a small city," says Omaha resident Yousif Sulyman.

"This probably is a more convenient location for most people," says Omaha resident Trish Wakefield. 

Workers were putting final touches at the new location this afternoon with the offices opening on Monday.