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Two intersections added to Omaha's median ordinance

Posted at 5:54 PM, Feb 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-15 19:03:34-05

The Public Works Department says Omaha has added two new intersections to the unlawful median occupancy ordinance in the last week.  So far there are 4 intersections that have median ordinance signs, but there have been requests made for almost 2 dozen other spots.

Signs have been posted at 72nd & Dodge St. and 90th & Fort St., but recently the city has added signage at 72nd & Maple St. and 76th & Dodge St.

The ordinance was approved in October, and allows police to give citations.  The Omaha City Prosecutors Office says one person has been ticketed.

The Public Works Department says they've received 41 requests to put up signs at 22 intersections.  They have to meet certain criteria which include needing to be within 200 feet of high traffic intersections with speed limits at least 30 miles an hour, have to be one of the more dangerous intersections, and there has to be multiple requests..

"Some have actually been the request was there but the ordinance didn't qualify because the medians that exist are wide or in some cases there's no median at all," Said Jeff Riesselman, Omaha City Traffic Engineer.

The Public Works Department says they are still reviewing intersections on whether or not to have the signs installed.

If you'd like to report an area call the Mayor's Hotline at 402-444-5555.