Two major police projects, two city councils,...

Posted at 11:54 PM, Mar 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-14 00:55:17-04

This week two police departments will ask their respective city councils to approve or at least consider spending millions to expand and improve their facilities.

While police say these are needed changes some people are skeptical.

The Omaha Police Department wants to build an outdoor shooting range that will cost over $2.5 million near Blair High Road and Hwy 133.

Some neighbors in the area don't want it approved.

"We are going to hear the noise, we already hear the noise from them exploding bombs last summer," said David Busse.

OPD said it wants to build the gun range for better training and said they've researched extensively how to keep the decibel levels down.

Across the river in Council Bluffs, the city council will discuss having a special election for an up to $20-million dollar bong to replace the current police department building.

"It's very dated, it's very cramped it doesn't leave space to have an effective crime lab," said Council Bluffs city councilwoman Sharon White.

White said the current police building was constructed in 1977 and the police force has grown since then and the facilities aren't keeping up.

"There were about 10-12 detectives in one space in one office trying to make their phone calls and interviews and I thought I don't know how that's effective I don't know how they get it done," said White.

The Council Bluffs city council meets Monday at 3:45 for a special learning session before it's regularly scheduled meeting at 5:30.

The Omaha city council is scheduled to decide on Tuesday on approving the outdoor gun range in northwest Omaha.