Two officers injured in chase this afternoon

Posted at 8:49 PM, Feb 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-19 22:04:28-05

An Omaha police officer and a Carter Lake police officer were injured during a foot and car chase this afternoon. 

Omaha police say a security officer at the Omaha Public Library on South 15th Street requested help with a man who had returned after being escorted off the property. Police say the man was 21-year-old Billy Walsh.

Police say as they arrived on scene Walsh took off and was later seen breaking into the First National Bank Data Center on North 16th Street. Investigators say he broke a window to get inside. Officers saw him leave the building and ran after him. Police say one of the OPD officers fell and was injured. 

An off-duty Nebraska State Patrol Trooper working for the Data Center helped the officer to his cruiser parked at 15th and Chicago. The trooper then apparently saw Walsh drive past in a stolen vehicle from the parking lot. Police say the trooper got into the cruiser as the suspect hit the cruiser causing minor damage. The trooper was not hurt. 

They say Walsh drove through an arm gate. 

Omaha police officers than began chasing his vehicle. The pursuit ended in Carter Lake, Iowa. Police say Walsh then hit a Carter Lake police officer as he was taken into custody. That officer received minor injuries. 

The Omaha police officer injured in the incident received medical treatment. 

Walsh has been booked on the following charges: Theft Unlawfully Taking, Criminal Mischief (2 Counts), Flight to Avoid Arrest, Assault on an Officer, Attempted Assault on an Officer, Resisted Arrest, Obstructing a Police Officer, Trespassing.