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U.S. Women's National Team inspiring female athletes in Omaha

Posted at 7:07 PM, Jul 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-08 20:07:10-04

OMAHA, Neb. — For the second time in the row and the fourth time overall the United States Women's National Team took home the World Cup title.

With women's soccer fever in full swing in Omaha, players in the area continue to dream about playing for the United State when they get older.

"It's every high schooler and little girl's dream to play in that," said Elkhorn South senior and University of Kansas soccer commit Avery Smith. "When they first start playing until whenever they stop it's their ultimate dream."

The United States continues to dominate when it comes to women's soccer. The program's success helps keeps interest in the sport high for younger female generations who continue to play soccer at high rates.

"I remember watching the World Cup as a little boy and that's how I got started," said Ross Paule, Creighton women's soccer head coach." There's a new cycle of women who are aspiring to be these ladies."

Playing with swagger and skill not always seen on the pitch, the USWNT found a way to show girls that it's cool to have fun on the biggest stage.

"Not only is it empowering but it inspires me and thousands of girls to watch them play," Smith said.

"I'm excited for my daughter getting to see this and see them succeed on the top level and be an inspiration for them," said Tim Walters, head coach at University of Nebraska-Omaha.

While many throw around the term inspirations and role models easily, supporters say it's easy to spot what separates the women's team from others.

"I think you see success from them and speaking their mind and standing up in what they believe in," Paule said.

"They're being themselves," Walters said. "They're not scared of who they are. They don't hide or hold back their emotions. They're just normal people and they don't feel like they're out of reach or out of touch."

As winners of two Women's World Cups in a row, the national team continues to inspire the next generation of female athletes in the United States.

"I'd say it's really inspiring, not only to be the best soccer player and try to live up to their soccer abilities but off the field as well they all reflect such good roles models to so many young girls in America," Smith said.