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UNL students discuss Kleve concern with admins

Posted at 5:54 PM, Feb 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-09 16:26:00-05

UNL administrators hear concerns for the first time from students worried about Daniel Kleve, the self-proclaimed white nationalist, who's shocking video stirred up fear and anger.

About 100 students, other faculty, and staff around UNL got the chance to ask questions to administrators during the listening tour.  They discussed campus climate, free speech, and safety. Many students wanted to know why Kleve hadn't been expelled.

Administrators say he hasn't broken the code of conduct, hasn't specifically threatened anyone, and his words fall under their free speech policy.

"They're protecting freedom of speech for a white supremacist Daniel Kleve but they're not protecting our safety and a lot of students and a lot of my peers we didn't feel safe yesterday," said UNL Senior Bryanna Shade.

Administrators did say they're watching closely, and want more resources for faculty and grad students on how to have difficult conversations to create a safer learning environment.

"We need to focus on the things that divide us and I don't think it is just this person I think it's the larger issue of what those words represent and if people on this campus feel like those beliefs are present here, that's what we have to fix and that's what we have to change," said Donde Plowman, exec. Vice Chancellor at Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Another listening session is scheduled for Friday at the Student Union.