UNO Professor breaks down Trump's tweets

Posted at 5:47 PM, Dec 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-12 19:05:05-05

Donald Trump has over 17 million followers on Twitter.

The President-Elect often sends out news and other information through his Twitter account, and experts say this is a new way for politicians to communicate.

“Trump has been more raw, some would say more authentic, and certainly more controversial,” said University of Nebraska-Omaha Professor of Communications, Jeremy Lipschultz. 

The future President of the United States has his own way of communicating.

“He keeps his name in the news cycle through Twitter, and that has been very effective,” said Lipschultz. 

There have been tweets that have caused viral discussion, from saying there was voter fraud this election, to calling for flag burners to be arrested, and recently bringing up how catching hackers is hard to do.

“You do have a situation where he tends to be a little free and loose with the way he tweets, and with the President-Elect we have never seen anything like this before.”

Lipschultz said Trump’s tweeting is nothing new, and Trump has built a brand for himself over the past several years.

“I think it is more strategic that people give Donald Trump credit for, in this case because I really think he used it effectively and continues to go around the typically media gate keepers,” said Lipschultz. 

For those who follow the President-Elect, they are mixed on his Twitter persona.

“I say it is a little unprofessional and, if you look at the tweets of previous president they are much more of a professional nature,” said UNO student Alex Konczey.

“Everyone expresses themselves on twitter, so I mean he is just making it for the younger generation to see it,” said another UNO student, Emily Flannery.

And everyone is waiting to see, will this rhetoric continue after January 20th? 

“Now the challenge becomes, as a President, naturally he has to tone down the rhetoric, how he does that and maintain his authentic voice, that is the social media challenge,” said Lipschultz.

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