Update: Judge rejects latest motion in Garcia...

Posted at 4:29 PM, Apr 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-18 17:34:02-04
A Douglas County judge has again denied a motion to allow Alison Motta back on the Anthony Garcia case.
Judge Gary Randall rejected Omaha lawyer Jeremy Jorgenson's second motion filed Monday to allow Motta back on the case. Jorgenson's motion requests an evidentiary hearing, and claims that Motta's removal from the case violates his 6th Amendment right to continued representation of his counsel of choice. In the denial, Randall wrote that "Counsel's motion desperately attempts to restate, reframe and recast matters previously considered by this court ad nauseam, citing no valid or relevant law not previously considered by the Court. The Court decided to not admit Alison Motta to this case pro hac vice because of her own actions."
Just last week, Douglas County Judge Gary Randall rejected a previous motion that made a similar request. Earlier this month, Randall disqualified Motta over comments she made to KMTV and other media outlets about possible DNA evidence in the case. Randall ruled that Motta can still work on the Garcia case, but cannot speak or sit at the defense table during the trial, which is now scheduled for June 13th.  Randall is expected to rule on this latest motion on Thursday.