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Urban farmers, nonprofit growing food forest in Benson

Posted at 10:14 PM, Jun 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-16 23:24:54-04

BENSON, Neb. (KMTV) — For many people, food is a love language.

For Tracey and Brian Bendams, co-founders ofFork N Farm, growing food is how they share their love with their neighbors.

“I think everyone that walked by last year got a watermelon," Brian said. "I was like, 'Here, take this watermelon.'”

For years, the couple has been growing, fruits, vegetables, and herbs on their small urban farm and sharing it with those who visit.

Blossom and Wood, a non-profit focused on environment and food education, took notice of their community-centered garden.

“They were inspired by what we were doing, and it kind of went along with what they wanted to do and they just didn’t have the land yet," Tracey said.

Now they’re partnering to create the Benson Food Forest. Tracey explained that the plants are arranged in a way that creates symbiotic relationships between trees, shrubs, and edibles.

“A food forest is a mimic of a natural forest; that’s why we call it a forest," Tracey said. "The food part of it is just making sure most of its edible.”

The two urban farmers say they are excited to welcome the community to the space and share what they know.

The food forest will be a place for the community to learn how to grow their own food

“They're going to do programs and food education and teach about not wasting food and how to use every part of the plant," Tracey said. "And we’re focusing as a farm more on native plants.”

They're also wanting to share all the benefits that come with growing your own food.

“Eating healthy food and having a healthy mind and getting exercise. When you’re in nature and you’re one with it, you become responsible for it," Tracey said.

Their hope is to see the roots they plant in Benson grow into other parts of Omaha.

“We want people to take this idea and do it at their house," Tracey said.

You can get involved in the Food Forest by visiting this website.

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