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Valley View Road closed in Council Bluffs due to flooding

Posted at 10:34 PM, Mar 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-13 23:34:50-04

COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA (KMTV) — With Valley View Road flooded over, authorities in Council Bluffs made the call today to close the road until the water dies down.

Drone video captured by Council Bluffs Police Department shows parts of the area, including Valley View Park, completely under water.

So much so, residents of Valley View apartments are being asked to leave voluntarily. One house nearby was also evacuated.

An Iowa Western student says he couldn’t get back to his apartment and isn’t sure where he’s going to sleep.

“Go to college, talk to my supervisor, be like this is what happening, maybe she can figure something out, just sleep that or car, we’ll see what happens,” says resident, Donald Vance.

The situation could get worse overnight, so Lt. Darren Budd with the Council Bluffs Police Department says avoid Valley View Drive, and absolutely do not cross the barricades.

He says it’s the worst the flooding has been from Mosquito Creek in his 24 years on the job.

“I’ve seen this water on this particular creek go over the top but I’ve never seen it go anywhere near to this extent of flooding,” says Budd.