Police find van stolen from Bellevue tornado victims

Posted at 8:53 PM, Jul 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-12 20:14:11-04

UPDATE: Omaha Police found the van Wednesday morning in a neighborhood near 13th and G said owner Jason Charache. The van was stripped inside and had more damage to the left side. Charache said it was being taken to an impound lot in Omaha and his insurance company will take a look at it this week. Police have not found who stole the van yet. 


Two tornadoes ripped through parts of Bellevue nearly four weeks ago, but homeowners are still working to clean up the damage left behind from the storm. While one family was in the cleanup process, thieves took advantage.

The Charache family hasn’t been able to live in their Two Springs home since the tornado — the whole right side of their house was caved in, right on top of their minivan.

“All we had was the van,” Jason Charache said.

The roof was moved off the van this past weekend, he said, and when they drove by their house on Monday, “I came by and was like, where in the hell is our van?”

The van had been stolen.

Charache said it looked like someone came in and backed the van out of their driveway and over all the debris left behind.

The Army veteran was pretty angry about the theft.

“Don't take my stuff, because what I have is mine. it may not be a lot, but it is mine. I have already lost a lot, and even though we weren't quite sure if the van was going to be totaled out or if was going to be fixed, but that wasn't for someone to come by here and make that determination on their own,” he said.

Neighbors told him they saw someone driving their van, with extensive damage to the right side, down the street following a gold car.

Charache wants to make sure whoever stole his van doesn’t do this to anyone else. He said he feels the theft wasn't random. 

“My opinion is, you had to be watching for it," he said. "You had to be waiting for that time.”

Bellevue Police are looking for the thieves.