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Vanessa Ward announces run for Governor

Posted at 10:35 PM, Jan 15, 2018

A well known North Omaha community activist is climbing into the political ring looking to become Nebraska's next Governor. 

Vanessa Ward announced her candidacy as a Democrat Monday night at the Livestock Exchange Building.

Ward is touting her extensive history, living most her life below the poverty line. Her words focus on returning government power to the people, and ending the wealthy's influence on government. 

"You see I believe Nebraskans and Americans as a whole are starving to hear the truth not the Democratic truth not the Republican truth, but the whole truth so help me God." said Ward.

When asked if she's worried about the challenge ahead Ward says: "Nebraskans are some of the best people on this planet - honest, hard working and fair. If they can't see what's right with me, and what's wrong with my opponent, then it's my fault." She was referring to current Governor Pete Ricketts.