Veterans asking firework users to be considerate of people with PTSD

Posted at 5:20 PM, Jul 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-03 19:53:25-04

Mike Miloni suffers from PTSD after serving in Vietnam.

He spends much of his time at the VFW.

"The anxiety is not as great on a constant basis that it used to be when I first got out."

"If I hear one go off late at night I will probably be on the floor again."

He says from time to time fireworks take him back to war.

"Your mind has gone though a traumatic experience you do things you never expect to do in your life time."

Miloni says he wants everyone to enjoy the holiday but to please be considerate of the veterans suffering from PTSD.

"Try not to do them late at night, the daytime I can handle that."

He says it's the unexpected loud explosion noises that set war veterans off.

"I’m not expecting it, I’m sound asleep, and I hear one of those and I think I am being bombarded, or people are throwing grenades at me."

Vendors are also reminding people purchasing fireworks to be aware of who lives in your area.

"Make sure you talk to your neighbors.”

“Understand it's not as fun for everyone.”

Miloni says donations from fireworks sells have helped keep the VFW running, so he's just asking people to be considerate this Fourth of July.

"It's when you’re not aware of it, it comes up and scares you."