Veterans divided on Husker player protest

Posted at 9:18 AM, Sep 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-28 10:18:01-04
People are still talking about the three Huskers who kneeled during the national anthem at last weekend's game at Northwestern, which Governor Pete Ricketts called disrespectful.
Michael Rose-Ivey tweeted to the Governor Tuesday, saying "I would love to sit down and further the discussion with you if you are available." Ricketts has agreed to meet with him at a undetermined time.
Reporter Andrea Braswell spoke with some local veterans and has their take on it.
The vets I spoke with say they will agree to disagree. Some say they understand why athletes are kneeling and they feel the pain of minorities while others say respect the flag.
"To make it clear I am not anti-police, i am not anti-military, nor am I anti-American. I love my country and I appreciate the freedoms it profess to afford me."
Michael Rose-Ivey speaking with emotional following Saturday's game against Northwestern at Monday's press conference.
"let's face it, we are still 100 years behind it never really change,"
Local vets like Frank DeLoa who meet every last Tuesday of the month at American GI forum say today's lunch conversation was different. "Hey I still respect GI, I still respect the flag, I love America, and they stated that but they are listening to I kneeled down because of the flag." So these vets say although they all served in the military they will agree to disagree on how Americans should handle social injustice. "If you are going to object to something or have controversy you ought to do it in a different way than kneeling to the United States flag." As an army vet and American, John Ramirez says it's disrespectful. "When the national anthem is played I salute and show respect to the flag and to the United States  of America and I think every other American should so the same thing." Both vets agree there are major issues in America when it comes to social tension but have different views on expression.
"I feel their pain we are in America it's their right to do that." "They are disrespectful for doing that and the coaches and university ought to put a stop to it."