Vets support each other in The Big Red Challenge


"My name is Jeff Farmer I'm one of the team athletes for operation enduring warrior and tomorrow will be doing the big red challenge in Lincoln Nebraska."

Moving together as a team...leaving no one behind. That support is a key component to operation enduring warrior. Matt Sheeron knows all about that support. 

"A little bit about me, I've been in the military going on eight years next month, you know. Great experience joined at 18 wanted to see the world, nothing wrong. Over the course of time I had some injuries happen and then a big battle with PTSD and suicide is one of the main things that I struggle with on the daily," Matt Sheeron revealed 

Operation enduring warrior is just one team taking place in tomorrow's Big Red Challenge race.

"Three different races options. You can do the 10K elite which is the full 10 K course but you have to complete every obstacle if you're in the 10 K elite. There's the 5 K and 10-K If your non-competitive you come out with your friends and family you right next to somebody you know he's probably a veteran and you could do obstacles or not do the obstacles" said Seth Chambers of The Big Red Challenge

"It's going to be a little cold. Probably a little uncomfortable, but it's nothing compared to what they go through," said Farmer

As for Matt, he hopes that other veterans will hear his story and be compelled to run or seek out organizations that bring veterans together. 

"Don't ever sit there and think you're alone," said Sheeron

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