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Viral video challenge is dangerous according to officials

Posted at 6:16 PM, Aug 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-01 19:17:02-04

It's the latest viral challenge that's spawning hundreds of imitators. And like previous online trends, this one can turn dangerous, even catching the eye of local police.

“In My Feelings” by Drake sparked the new so-called Kiki challenge. Kids are now jumping out of cars while they are still moving and dance alongside them.

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Kiki do you love me? That's the new question being asked as kids compete in this new viral video challenge. Over this past week, the so-called Kiki challenge has gone global, making it hard to ignore. The social media trend started when comedian Shiggy posted a video of him dancing to “In My Feelings” on Instagram.

President and CEO of the National Safety Council of Nebraska, Eric Koepe says as a promoter of safe driving...this challenge promotes the opposite. "One of the most dangerous things we can do is leave our vehicle while it's moving and on an active roadway,” said Koepe.

He says those who participate have no control over what other drivers might be doing on the road, causing this challenge to turn dangerous quick. Videos show some unlucky participants getting badly injured. A risk some locals don't want to take. "You can participate in these kinds of viral trends that are going on, but you can do it in a safe way that's ok for you and for other people,” Omaha resident, Annika Clinton.

However, some locals see this as just another fun challenge to participate in. "I just think it's a nice way to dance because there is dance crazes all the time and this is just the new one,” said 10-year-old resident, Katelyn Ross. However, Koepe says that parents need to talk to their children about safe driving practices, "I think they need to talk to their kids about not leaving the safety of their car, the safest place you can be on the road is in your car."

Bellevue Police even sent out a warning through Twitter saying "please do not get out of your car while it is moving and dance next to it. You will be cited if caught.” Koepe says for those who want to participate in this challenge safety must always be a priority so he encourages participants to complete this challenge in a place like a parking lot next to a parked car where they are safely away from other drivers.