Voter enthusiasm lacking as election nears

Posted at 11:05 PM, Oct 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-17 00:05:58-04
The least liked presidential candidates ever.
That’s what several national polls say about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
The big blue Clinton bus visited Omaha Sunday from Washington D.C.
In the two hours it sat at 24th and Lake, it attracted one new voter.
"Unfortunately the time is what it was,” said Chris Rodger, Douglas County commissioner. “We're lucky to have whoever we can. The main point is that, it's visibility for people to see and keep awareness up."
While the DNC staffers shared enthusiasm for their nominee, several Gallup polls show both Clinton and Trump are some of the least popular presidential candidates in American history. 
"This year is extra bad," said Mitzi Klimek, an independent voter.
Klimek says her 20-year-old son recently asked her about the election.  
“He was like, 'is it always this bad?' I'm like, ‘hmm, yeah, no.'" 
While Klimek says she's never liked a presidential candidate in her lifetime, she says this year's choices are worse.
"I can't, in good faith, vote for either of the Democratic or Republican Party because they're terrible people,” Klimek said. “I cannot say, 'I voted for this person.'" 
Erin Szynskie, a Clinton supporter, says she feels the same way.
"I cannot think of any other election where both candidates have been universally disliked,” Szynskie said. “I think most people are voting for the one they dislike the least rather than who they like the most." 
The DNC says they made a second stop in Omaha Sunday where they registered four voters and had six complete applications. 
While enthusiasm for candidates isn't hot, there are more registered Republican and Democrat voters statewide in Nebraska compared to the primary.
About a one percent increase for each party.